We’re an affordable SEO agency in Melbourne

Our mission is to be the best value SEO Agency in Melbourne whether promoting your website via expert local SEO, Australia-wide online advertising or even worldwide international digital marketing. We have a proven track record and a live portfolio of websites currently ranking on page 1 for their most important keywords in the search results, from sole traders and small companies, to online stores selling throughout the Australia and internationally, and even large multi national corporations. Vipo Digital SEO Melbourne is a results focussed SEO agency which means we typically have a big impact upon the companies we work for, and in a relatively short space of time. In short our SEO works, and you can see a few examples (we’ve a lot more) of our achievements on our SEO case studies page.

Google rewards websites designed for the customer, not to manipulate the search engine. All good SEO starts with a solid understanding of what a customer wants, their pain points, and what will answer their query. You then also need to consider brand affinity and a seamless website UX. We don’t just aim for rank 1 on Google, we look at which pages, keywords, products & customer segments are most profitable, and ensure our SEO is tailored to deliver not just visibility, but a business return.

Search Engine Optimization

How we achieve great results?

From deep-dive analysis, winkling out technical glitches, leakage points, content efficiency, analysing past performance, competitor breakdowns, link audits & keyword research, a step-by-step action blueprint was formulated.
The team began by crafting the right building blocks for each website to earn the right to reach the top of the search rankings and built in safeguards to help ensure that those rankings stay over the long term too.
Prioritising necessary website changes together with some quick ranking gains set the whole process in motion to drive results.

Why you should choose Vipo Digital

Complacency is a dangerous thing in the world of search marketing. The algorithms that control how search engines work are constantly changing and evolving, and certainly won’t wait for agencies and practitioners to catch up. Too many agencies get stuck in their ways. Vipo Digital is different. A genuine love and interest in search marketing, shared by everyone who works here, has led to a culture of constant learning and knowledge sharing. We believe that this is the only way that we can give our clients’ websites a real edge over their competitors’. This culture is epitomised by the Vipo Digital Academy: a weekly, company-wide internal get together in which new search marketing developments are presented and discussed. All of our clients are welcome to come and sit in on them, and often do. For those who can’t make it, afterwards, we publish our findings on our own SEO blog for all to read. At Vipo Diigtal we take client communication and transparency very seriously. We take the mystery out of SEO through clear, understandable explanations and empower the client through knowledge and reporting. That is why we have a hard won reputation for excellence.

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